Meat processing



Often the first step towards the finished product. With our machines, the processing method already begins in a gentle, uniform, and efficient way.


Even when mixing product masses, our technology will handle your product gently and efficiently. After all, a homogeneous mass is important for further processing.


We are particularly precise and respectful of your wishes during this processing step. Our forming machine can form meat into any shape.


For homogeneous product thickness and short cooking processes, you can count on our flattening machine. Its gentle technology will also make your product especially tender in flavor and consistency. 


No matter how fine or coarse the coating material is: We have the right technology for coating to make your idea of the perfect product a reality.  


Not all frying is the same, which is why this processing step, too, is very variably adjustable with us: From searing to full cooking, our fryer can do anything. 


For cooking, efficiency and consistency matter; for roasting, the perfect outer appearance. With us, you can do both and get succulently cooked, attractively browned meat products.  


Our freezer guarantees easy product handling, optimal structure preservation, maximal durability, freshness, and flavor.