Alternative proteins



The step involving mixing is essential for making standardized product masses. With our technology, you’ll gently and efficiently mix your products and get a completely homogeneous mass for further processing at a later time.


Our forming machine will form your raw veggie mass into any shape. It will portion exactly according to your requirements so you can optimally process your product further.


No matter how fine or coarse the coating material is: we have the right technology for coating to make your idea of the product a reality.


Consistency and an especially attractive outer appearance are important for this step. Our machine will accomplish both, giving you uniformly browned and visually attractive final products.


Not all frying is the same, which is why we also make this processing step very variably adjustable: From searing to full cooking, our fryer will meet your requirements 100 percent.


Vegan and vegetarian products in particular profit from structure preservation as well as maximal durability, freshness, and flavor. Our freezer will give you all at once.