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appetizer 06/2022

The latest issue of our appetizer magazine is all about individual solutions of our product preparation and standardization lines with regard to short- to long-term challenges of the market. Read everything about the flexible processing of meat and plant-based meat with JBT ALCO's machines and learn how your operation can use an individual JBT ALCO standardization line variably and profitably.

alco appetizer 04/2021

appetizer 04/2021

The fourth edition of our magazine appetizer explains the mega trend plant-based meat and vegan meat alternatives. 

alco appetizer 03/2020

appetizer 03/2020

The third edition of our magazine appetizer presents the JBT ALCO coating line with many examples and advantages.

alco appetizer 01/2020

appetizer 01/2020

The first edition of our magazine appetizer deals with our standardization and convenience technology.

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