Our mixer will handle your product gently and efficiently while mixing different products into a homogenous mass, allowing for further processing of the mass with ease and high quality.


Our forming machine will form your vegetable mass into any form, exactly and according to your requirements. That way, you’ll get exactly portioned and shaped products that meet your requirements in full.


Whether onion rings or cauliflower, the shape of your product doesn’t matter to us. We’ve developed various technology for coating your products. Give it a try!


Here, the slightest differences in quality are important. It’s even more important to rely on machines like ours on which you can flexibly adjust all the settings to the product.


When it comes to cooking, efficiency and consistency matter. Our machines meet both criteria, allowing you to easily make tender-cooked vegetable products full of flavor.


The right degree of brownness, the crispy consistency of the dish, and perhaps also attractive grill patterns: There are quite a few things involved in roasting vegetables; our machines for roasting keep an eye on everything!