Spiral Freezer


Freezing food guarantees easy product handling, optimal structure preservation, and maximal durability, freshness, and flavor. With the spiral technology, our spiral freezer allows for a maximal conveyor line within a small space. Thanks to the innovative belt system and the effective evaporator and ventilator unit, it provides an effective cooling process with minimal weight loss. 

Our special freezers will be designed just for you so you can use plant for food processing that’s optimally tailored to your needs.


Our spiral freezer is a machine for cooling and shock-freezing food. Its special feature involves the spiral belt guide that can be adjusted exactly to the individual cooling plan and the environment in special models.

    Perfectly suitable for:
    meat balls, fish filets, fruit cake, ice cream


    • Continuously adjustable production speed
    • Suitability for products of various sizes thanks to a selectable gap between the individual levels of the spiral
    • Efficient cooling and freezing system for uniform, quick freezing of products to prevent losses through dehumidification
    • Horizontal air supply
    • Infinitely variable ventilators
    • Special belts and intake modules for the perfect product run
    • Combination of multiple spirals in one machine possible
    • Suitable for all freon refrigerants like ammonia NH3, carbon dioxide CO2, ice water, or brines
    • Different thawing options with circulating air, hot gas, water, or electrically useable
    • Intuitive operation through a touch panel with recipe management
    • Linked with remote maintenance service
    • Insulated housing design for preventing energy losses
    • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
    • Easy-to-clean design
    • High operating safety

    Our spiral freezer

    1: Evaporator-ventilator units
    transfer refrigerating capacity in an energy-saving and efficient way.

    2: Variable level system
    allows for the selection of 12 to 22 levels.

    3: Hybrid belt
    is a belt frame made of stainless steel with a product support surface made of plastic.


    4: Insulation cell
    consists of numerous individual panels or is completely sealed for increased tightness.

    5: Cleaning system
    ensures efficient cleaning of the conveyor system through pipelines and spray nozzles.

    The ECO spiral freezer

    Our ECO version is particularly suitable for smaller businesses. 

    • Efficient, adjusted to smaller businesses evaporator unit
    • Space-saving, compact design
    • Cost-saving version
    conveyor belt

    Suitable for that

    Spiral Pasto

    We’ve also developed a space-saving solution with spiral technology for pasteurization that will make your product germ-free and durable using separate pasteurization and cooling areas. A machine that will meet your requirements in full!

    Perfectly suitable for:
    Nuremberg sausages, bratwurst spirals, tortellini
    Spiral Pasto ASW by alco for Proofing or Pasteurizing
    Product overview