Conveyor Technology


Our conveyors will allow for efficient and safe transport of your products through the entire production process. They’ll optimally link the individual machines to an automated line, meeting the stringent requirements for hygiene, flexibility, individuality, and safety.

  • Belt speed of the strap system continuously adjustable
  • Belt facings with plastic slide profiles
  • Drives made of stainless steel
  • Collection tray with drain opening underneath the strap system
  • Designed according to the latest hygiene and safety standards
Curve Conveyor

Troughed Conveyor

This conveyor technology will transport your products through the entire production process in a safe and hygienic way. The open tubular frame is easy to clean, and the rubberized drum motor can adjust the belt speed according to your needs by means of frequency control. The stable U-frame also makes it possible to change the strap quickly and without a lot of effort. All materials are made of non-corrosive stainless steel and food-approved plastic.  


  • Easier cleaning thanks to opened belt system with central tube
  • Very effective belt scrapper 
  • Easy installation of belt without any tools
  • Cleaning nozzles optionally available
Buffer Funnel

Screw Conveyor

Our transverse conveyor system with an optional distribution device can directly service two machines through an adjusted transport belt or a conveyor spiral in a tight space. Thanks to the pivotable product discharge with separate drive and rollers, the transverse conveyor system can fill the downstream machine according to the setting angle.


  • All bearings (stainless-steel) with distance to product-related seals
  • Screw trough protective guard with security prompt
  • Hygienic design
  • Cleaning discharge at the very bottom
Lifting and Tilting Device