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An exclusive insight behind the scenes at alco, planning and constructing a fryer AGF PRO for a South American customer.


We are exhibiting! We'll present our solutions at the international trade fairs for food technology as well as for the processing of meat and plant-based meat alternatives.


An interesting insight on versatile processing of poultry for international food markets on an industrial scale and the diversity of applications of the alco food machines.


In times of fast change, everyone should anticipate the market for vegetarian gyros, chilli-cheese sticks, sweet potatoes and many other. Simply speaking: This is the concept of the food industry’s future.


We develop on our own. We build on our own. We advise on our own. As a client, you’re part of the family. 

For us, 40 years of family tradition guarantee success. The family structures are especially beneficial for our clients, as alco respects individual client requests from the start and implements them during production without any bureaucracy.

talking to a client in front of a machine