An interesting insight on versatile processing of poultry for international food markets on an industrial scale and the diversity of applications of the alco food machines.


In times of fast change, everyone should anticipate the market for vegetarian gyros, chilli-cheese sticks, sweet potatoes and many other. Simply speaking: This is the concept of the food industry’s future.


To expand the cooling capacity of the internationally operating Reinert corporation, a cooling system was tendered last year. The ASK PRO spiral cooler from alco was immediately recommended for several reasons.


With the FastSmoke add-on, alco will present a system for the first time in its over 40-years company history that reduces smoking time from several hours to just a few minutes.


We develop on our own. We build on our own. We advise on our own. As a client, you’re part of the family. 

For us, 40 years of family tradition guarantee success. The family structures are especially beneficial for our clients, as alco respects individual client requests from the start and implements them during production without any bureaucracy.

talking to a client in front of a machine