JBT alco impresses at Anuga FoodTec: A Quick Recap


JBT alco impresses at Anuga FoodTec: A Quick Recap

Did you know that at the recent Anuga FoodTec trade show, JBT alco made its debut as part of JBT, seamlessly fitting into the JBT family and leaving a lasting impression on attendees? With 40,000 visitors from 133 countries and around 1,300 exhibitors, Anuga FoodTec was once again able to underline its importance in the international food industry this year. Let's dive into the highlights of our presence at one of the most important events in the food processing industry: the Anuga FoodTec 2024.

JBT alco auf der Anuga FoodTec

Breaking Ground with Two Impressive Food Processing Lines

Picture this: two cutting-edge food processing lines meticulously crafted to showcase our expertise and innovation. The first line, dedicated to meat and poultry preparation, featured a powerhouse combination of industry-leading solutions. From the Innospexion X-Ray Bone Detector ensuring impeccable quality control to the alco Flattener and Steaker delivering homogeneous product thickness or precision cuts, every component played a vital role in streamlining the processing journey. And let's not forget the DSI Waterjet Portioner and the Schröder Injector, rounding out the lineup with their unparalleled performance. Together, these solutions formed a truly unique offering, which is a unique selling point for JBT.

On the other hand, our convenience line was a testament to our comprehensive portfolio and capabilities as a full-solution partner. From the alco Forming machine and Coating line to the Formcook Contact Cooker and alco Spiral Oven, each step seamlessly transitioned into the next, culminating in the Frigoscandia self-stacking freezer. It was a mere glimpse into the endless possibilities that we, as One JBT, can bring to the table. All visitors were invited to realize their ideas and concepts in one of our FoodTech Centers together with our food experts. Our specialists have conducted tens of thousands of application tests on a variety of food products. Bring your food processing challenges to one of our FTCs and we will help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency, quality and safety.