Precise, gentle, and energy-efficient: Our grinder AMG minces meat and fish blocks in fresh and frozen condition. How fine do you want it?

Perfectly suitable for:
meat, fish, cheese and vegetable blocks, bone-in products
AMG 250ps Grinder by alco


We mix whatever belongs together, homogeneously and without losing a lot of time.

Perfectly suitable for:
meat mixtures, gourmet salads, mixed vegetables
AMP Mixer by Alco

Forming Machine

Our forming machine performs gram-exact portioning of raw mixtures into the shape of your choice. That’s because the forming plates can be individually designed!

Perfectly suitable for:
burgers, meatballs, formed schnitzel, nuggets, fish sticks
AFM shaper by alco

Flattening Machine

Uniform product thickness is a special requirement for a lot of meat products. With our flattening machine, we provide the best conditions for short cooking times and succulent products.

Perfectly suitable for:
roulades, kebab, gyros, schnitzel, chicken breast filets, boneless thigh meat
ASP Flattening Machine by alco food machines


Want flavor? Then you need our tenderizer! With a lot of small incisions, it ensures that marinades and spices absorb better and the end product stays tender.

Perfectly suitable for:
marinated steaks, schnitzel, cube steaks, burger patties
ASC 400 Tenderizer by alco


To cut products exactly on the side, you need more than just a simple knife. With its special technology, our Cordon-Bleu-Slicer masters this challenge with flying colors!

Perfectly suitable for:
cordon bleu, Kiev cutlets, butterfly steaks, grilled pockets, soft rolls
acb-3 cordon-bleu slicer


Soaked, not pumped! Heavy liquid batters, marinades, or e.g. tempura are gently applied to products by the dipper from alco. Subtle differences you can taste!

Perfectly suitable for:
BBQ products, tempura coated products, fried fish, nuggets and vegetables
ADT Pro 400 Dipper by alco

Battering Machine

Would you like a completely evenly-breaded schnitzel or mozzarella sticks with a batter coating of, say, 5 mm? Should the process also be sparing and quick? You’ve come to the right place!

Perfectly suitable for:
schnitzel, mozzarella sticks, fish sticks, cordon bleu
apn pro 400 Battering Machine


Optimal result with minimal material cost. We’ll apply flour, powder, fine-grained spices, or sugar to your product. The final result is clear to see.

Perfectly suitable for:
floured fish filets, predusted convenience food, seafood, pastries, candy
ABM Pro 400 Preduster by alco

Breading Machine

Whether finely or coarsely grained: Our breading machine will gently run your product over a breading bed, applying the ideal breading!

Perfectly suitable for:
schnitzel, cordon bleu, fish sticks, mozzarella sticks, Japanese Panko breading
APT Pro 400 Breading Machine by alco