Live-Event: Product Launch of the New DSI Portioner


Live-Event: Product Launch of the New DSI Portioner

When: March 21-23, 2023

Where: alco Food Technology Center, Bad Iburg, Germany

When it comes to portioning products, whether high-protein poultry, tender meat, juicy fish, or fresh vegetables, the main focus is always on yields, throughput, and labor efficiency. DSI delivers efficient and precise cutting, portioning, and grading of poultry, meat, plant-based food, and seafood with JBT's waterjet portioner to produce portioned fillets, nuggets, strips, cubes, and reduced-fat products. Automated slicing and portioning is a significant factor in reducing food waste and a corresponding increase in yield. DSI's goal is to automate labor-intensive and inefficient manual slicing as best as possible, perfect process flows, and use every part of the incoming product.

DSI 812 Compact Waterjet Portioner with Red Meat

At the presentation of the DSI™ 812 Compact waterjet portioner at the Food Technology Center in Bad Iburg, the focus is primarily on the high productivity and flexibility of the newly developed system. It represents the next step for us and the food industry in innovative waterjet cutting technology, which is now being introduced throughout Europe by JBT. Visitors will receive hands-on cutting demonstrations with food processing experts and learn how JBT can improve your daily operations. The optimized portioning system is the perfect solution for production lines that require higher accuracy, more cutting flexibility, efficiency, and reliable throughput. The DSI 812 uses filtered high-pressure water (up to 4100 bar or 60,000 PSI) to divide raw protein products into smaller portions such as cubes, strips, and fillets for retail or QSR sales. This allows processors to increase product yields, and save time and labor while focusing on producing high-quality products.

DSI 812 Waterjet Cutting Portioner Detail