Food trends: Flexitarians, vegan food and alternative proteins


Food trends: Flexitarians, vegan food and alternative proteins

Alternative foods are storming our supermarket counters with incredible speed already for years now. In times of fast change, everyone should anticipate the market for vegetarian gyros, chilli-cheese sticks, sweet potatoes and many other. Simply speaking: This is the concept of the food industry’s future.

Food Trends at alco food machines with HotCook AHC

Fortunately, there are many doors open to the food industry’s sector. One major topic of the past few years was the expansion of vegetarian and vegan products, plant-based food, and alternative proteins. Even butcher’s shops, butcheries, and the related markets increasingly adapt to these new food trends: plant-based ingredients like certain species of mushrooms, wheat, barley and hops are used as additives in meatballs or burger patties, which is not only healthier but also cheaper for the customer. True to the motto “better for the consumer and for the planet”, flexitarians are looking for the perfect balance between established meat products and tasteful, plant-based flavors.

For several years, alco encourages the development and the know-how in this fast growing industry, with interesting insights: the smallest changes are enough to convert a convenience line for meat processing into a convenience line for alternative proteins and vegan food. Numerous companies are already processing various products with plant-based ingredients for the counters of both the regional and national grocery stores, by using food machines made by alco.

The alco portfolio offers countless options for processing vegetarian or vegan products, from the forming machine AFM up to the spiral freezer ASK.

Salad Food Trends Colorful Farbenfroh by Alco Food Machines

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