BugBell - a start-up in the pet food industry


BugBell - a start-up in the pet food industry

Every second pet food fails with the rating "poor". Every third dog today suffers from obesity, intolerances and allergies. It was precisely these problems that moved the founders of "BugBell" to make a statement in the pet food industry. "Many manufacturers work for cost reasons, for example, with cereals, sugar as well as fillers that do not have to be declared. This leads to weight gains, deficiency symptoms and intolerances, which sooner or later become apparent in the dog. The great confusion of technical terms, the intransparency of the feed declaration and the hiding of ingredients makes it very difficult for the dog owner to judge whether the dog food is really healthy," explains Jamina Zaugg, BugProduct Developer and founder of the BugBell start-up.

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The special character of the start-up from northern Germany lies in the composition of the ingredients of the dog food, because here insects serve solely as a monoprotein source. Insects are equally compatible, hypoallergenic and, above all, very resource-friendly. "We start here already with healthy pet food by feeding our insects specially. We only use gluten-free grains and seeds, leftover fruit and vegetables, and also use high-quality superfoods. To implement sustainability not only in the product, 100% recyclable & compostable packaging is used," says the food specialist.

Sustainability, quality and innovation: guiding principles that also determine everyday life at alco. Three years ago, the two companies met for the first time. In order to test the scalability of prototype handmade production to industrial, automated series production, the forming machine AFM and the spiral oven ASH were tested live on site at alco's application technology center. The "BugKeks" were first to be given their shape in the forming machine and then achieve the ideal final consistency in the spiral oven.

alco AFM Forming machine plant Facelift Modell

Currently BugBell offers three products for sale. The product portfolio consists of dog cookies, a so-called "BugMischung" for baking dog muffins or dog biscuits and a "BugTerrine", which completes the range as wet food. All three products are currently available in three different flavors. Further flavors and products such as dry food are planned.

All products can currently be pre-ordered at special conditions at Startnext. At the same time it serves as support for the project "BugBell".

Karsten Weitzel sales manager germany of alco food machines