Whether floured fish filets, calamari, sweet wine gum, or quark balls: Our preduster allows for ideal processing of fine coating materials like fine-grained flour, spices, powder, and sugar. Two systems of belts guarantee complete and even coating. A lower belt runs the product through a material bed while the upper belt generates the required sprinkling action from above onto the product to be coated. That way, your products will get the coating that you precisely intended through adjustable pressing, vibration, and blower systems.


Our preduster coats products evenly with fine flour, bread crumbs, powder, spices, and sugarIt applies an absolutely complete and even coating following entirely your ideas. 

Perfectly suitable for:
floured fish filets, predusted convenience food, seafood, pastries, candy


  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Particular suitability for all coating materials of fine grain
  • Conveyor system with material return and minimal dust generation
  • Adjustable amounts of coatings to be applied
  • Adjustable vibration and pressing devices for achieving the optimal coating result
  • Perfect product transfer through a pivotal outlet belt
  • Easy to fill the plant with the material through a storage container
  • Intuitive operation through a touch panel
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
  • High operating safety
  • Easy-to-clean design, easy to empty the material
  • Can be driven on four heavy-load steering rollers and rotated 360°, with parking brake and height adjustment

Our preduster

1: Air knife

removes excess materials from the topside of products through an adjustable blower system with additionally integrated material return system. 

2: PLC control

controls the plant in a smart and user-friendly way through a touch panel with functions like recipe management, etc.


3: High-speed product belt

allows for belt speeds of up to 29 m/min through a top-performance stainless steel drive. 

4: Vibrating plate

used for coarser coating media to be pressed onto the product for optimal coating and to eliminate void spots.

5: Spindle height adjustment

sets the height of the entire machine by means of a handwheel.

The preduster PRO Vario-Flip

Our preduster Vario-Flip combines two coating styles in just one system: as a level-flow variant, the products are floured, sugared or seasoned in the classic way. Via the innovative Vario-Flip variant, the product inside the system performs four successive flips of 180° each and absorbs more coating material with each flip, for a rough, natural and, above all, handmade coating result.

  • Sensitive molded products such as chicken tenders or fish sticks, as well as irregularly shaped products such as chicken parts, can be fully coated in homemade style
  • tool-free changeover between both variants without stopping production
  • tool-free adjustment of the flip height without stopping production
  • perfectly aligned with the growing demand for homemade style products
  • in contrast to drum breaders, the Vario-Flip offers fragile molded products an appropriate finish as well
alco APZ M

Even in front of and behind our preduster, you can count on our reliable technology. Our conveyor technology ensures optimal line integration and convenient filling. From different conveyor belts for all requirements to spiral conveyors and the illustrated lifting and tilting device to special solutions made just for you, we’ve got the right accessories for your food processing machines.

Comparable machines

Drum Breader

Irregularly shaped products and bone-in products are a challenge for usual breading machines. But not for our drum breader! The innovative technology will gently and evenly coat your product with maximum efficiency.

Perfectly suitable for:
chicken parts, drumsticks, bone-in products
ADB 400 Drum Breader by alco
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