The cordon-bleu-slicer from JBT ALCO has the task of guaranteeing the perfect cut specifically for meat products. Special blades attached to the sides continuously slice cordon bleu, butterfly steaks, Kiev cutlets, grilled pockets, and soft rolls sideways while being run over an upper and lower belt on two lanes. It goes without saying that the height and cutting depth can be set individually according to your requirements.


Our cordon-bleu-slicer cuts products sideways. Its special blades can be individually adjusted to the product in terms of height and cutting depth.

Perfectly suitable for:
cordon bleu, Kiev cutlets, butterfly steaks, grilled pockets, soft rolls


  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Blades that can be adjusted in height and cutting depth
  • Non-slip product transport thanks to special straps
  • Strap clamping device with rapid-clamping system for easier cleaning
  • Perfect product transfer through a pivotable outlet belt
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
  • Easy-to-clean design, to be cleaned without auxiliary tools
  • High operating safety
  • Can be driven on four heavy-load steering rollers and rotated 360°, with parking brake and height adjustment

Our Cordon-Bleu-Slicer

1: Belt adjustment

is used to fine-tune the cutting height. Height adjustment of the upper belt by means of a handwheel without the use of tools.

2: Manual clamping device

allows the conveyor belts to be changed and cleaned in no time without any tools.

3: Outlet hold-down belt

Optimal product transfer to the subsequent equipment.


4: Special straps

Straps with special profiling that are adjusted for special requirements.

5: Spindle height adjustment

Machine height adjustment by means of a handwheel without the use of tools.

conveyor technology

Suitable for that

Flattening Machine

Uniform product thickness is a special requirement for a lot of meat products. With our flattening machine, we provide the best conditions for short cooking times and succulent products.

Perfectly suitable for:
roulades, kebab, gyros, schnitzel, chicken breast filets, boneless thigh meat
ASP Flattening Machine by alco food machines
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