Process steaks on another level! And give schnitzel, cube steaks, or burger patties even more flavor with our tenderizer. A lot of small incisions on the meat surface allow the flavor of marinades and spices to absorb into the meat. That’ll build strong character. The product’s dimensional stability is improved at the same time. A system of straps runs the meat pieces through a pair of knife rollers that cut them in turns from both sides. The cutting depth can be regulated individually through the adjustable gap between the two knife rollers. With an optional function, the equipment can be used for perforation when processing burger patties.


Our tenderizer applies small incisions to productsIts special features are the individually adjustable cutting depth and the option of perforating products.

Perfectly suitable for:
marinated steaks, schnitzel, cube steaks, burger patties


  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Gap between knife rollers adjustable in terms of height to set cutting depth
  • Particularly high frequency of the incisions possible through a reduced gap between the blades or special toothing of the blades
  • Perfect product transfer through a pivotable outlet belt
  • Optional Cuber-Insert for perforating shaped meat products like burgers
  • Collection tray for product residues
  • High operating safety
  • Can be driven on four heavy-load steering rollers and rotated 360°, with parking brake and height adjustment

Our tenderizer

1: Blade height adjustment

adjusts the intensity of the incisions on the product.


2: Reduced blade gap and special toothing

raises the frequency of the incisions through the smaller gap of the toothed disc blades with finer teeth and a smaller tooth gap.

3: Extended outlet belt

Additional conveyor line for gentle transfer to subsequent plants.

4: Spindle height adjustment

sets the height of the entire machine by means of a handwheel.

5: Perforation reel

perforates shaped meat products like hamburgers

conveyor belt

Suitable for that

Flattening Machine

Uniform product thickness is a special requirement for a lot of meat products. With our flattening machine, we provide the best conditions for short cooking times and succulent products.

Perfectly suitable for:
roulades, kebab, gyros, schnitzel, chicken breast filets, boneless thigh meat
ASP Flattening Machine by alco food machines
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