Battering Machine

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So many possible uses: With our battering machine, liquid materials of various viscosity can be applied to your products. The top-performance pump system coats schnitzel, fish sticks, etc. completely and evenly on all sides with batter, marinades, or oils. Excess coating on the top or bottom of the product can easily be removed through an adjustable blower system and integrated material return system. That way, our battering machine also saves resources. 


Our battering machine applies liquid materials like liquid batters to various products. The adjustable pump system adjusts to the varying viscosity of the liquid batters and guarantees complete moistening on all sides.

    Perfectly suitable for:
    schnitzel, mozzarella sticks, fish sticks, cordon bleu


    • Continuously adjustable production speed
    • Top-performance pump system with adjustable speed allows liquid coating materials of various viscosity to be used
    • Complete moistening of products on all sides through overflow devices with material shroud
    • Adjustable blower system for removing excess coating material from the top and bottom of products with an integrated material return system
    • Intuitive operation through a touch panel
    • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
    • Optionally with double-wall design for injecting a coolant
    • High operating safety
    • Easy-to-clean design
    • Can be driven on four heavy-load steering rollers and rotated 360°, with parking brake and height adjustment

    Our battering machine

    1: Air knife
    removes excess materials from the top and bottom of products through an adjustable blower system with additionally integrated material return system.

    2: Material shroud
    optimally coats your product on top and bottom.


    3: Cooling jacket
    makes it possible to cool the coating material by injecting a coolant into the double-jacket container.

    4: High-speed product belt
    allows for belt speeds of up to 29 m/min through a top-performance stainless steel drive.

    5: Rotary lobe pump
    reliably conveys less flowable coating materials.


    Even in front of and behind our batteringmachine, you can count on our reliable technology. Our conveyor technology ensures optimal line integration and convenient filling. From different conveyor belts for all requirements to spiral conveyors and lifting and tilting devices to special solutions made just for you, we’ve got the right accessories for your food processing machines.

    Suitable for that

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    Breading Machine

    Whether finely or coarsely grained: Our breading machine will gently run your product over a breading bed, applying the ideal breading!

    Perfectly suitable for:
    schnitzel, cordon bleu, fish sticks, mozzarella sticks
    APT Pro 400 Breading Machine by alco
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