Poultry processing with alco: From coating to freezing


Poultry processing with alco: From coating to freezing

The variety of formats chicken can be served as is almost infinite and is spread throughout different age groups, international cuisines and of course different kinds of tastes. No matter where in the world you are, poultry is extremely popular around the globe, harmonizes well with countless spices or breadings and is healthy as well. Particularly versatile is the processing of poultry for international food markets on an industrial scale.

Coating Line by alco food machines

The secret of tasty, crispy and succulent poultry lies in further processing through individual coating, accurate cooking and tailored cooling. The extra flavor comes with the alco FastSmoke: a system-integrated, non-toxic smoking system that as an add-on to the multi-area spiral oven, allows for cooking, roasting and smoking at the same time. 

The new coating line provides a lot of benefits for manufacturers in the food industry:

  • High-quality stainless-steel motors for each machine
  • Smart 7” Siemens PLC touch panels equipped on each machine
  • High-speed belt systems of 2-21 m/min to 29 m/min
  • New "Hygienic Design" provides large, smooth, and easy-to-clean surfaces without any “dark areas”
  • Air-knife technology now available with improvements in a high-power version
  • Improved user-friendly design and operation
  • Standard replacement parts like sensors, hoses, etc. universally usable for all PRO SERIES coating machines in the future


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