Spiral Oven


Cooking, heating, browning: The spiral oven from JBT ALCO slowly and gently runs products through the cooking process by means of a spiral conveyor belt that can be extended if required. That way, large quantities of your product will be cooked, roasted, browned, or just steam-cooked very evenly in the spiral oven with circulating air and/or steam. Two successively activated spirals allow for cooking over different climate zones with a higher amount of output. In addition, you can set the gap between the individual spiral levels exactly. That way, even larger products like whole chicken, burgers, or lasagna get their appetizing brownness and succulent consistency.


Our spiral oven heats, cooks, and browns products through circulating air and/or steam. Adjust the spiral belt guide individually to product quantity and size.

    Perfectly suitable for:
    meat loaf, whole chickens, burgers, nuggets, bacon, lasagna, pretzels


    • Continuously adjustable production speed
    • Suitability for products of various sizes thanks to a selectable gap between the individual levels of the spiral
    • Optionally heated electrically or with thermal oil or steam-powered
    • Targeted airflow in the plant itself guaranteeing optimal and uniform heat transfer and browning 
    • Infinitely variable ventilators
    • Steam injection bars for setting the desired humidity
    • Optional dew point control for maximizing yield
    • Process temperature infinitely variable up to max. 260 °C
    • Automatic, continuous belt wash system in combination with CIP nozzles in the interior of the oven ensures perfect cleaning
    • Intuitive operation through a touch panel with recipe management
    • Linked with the remote maintenance service
    • Insulated housing design for preventing energy losses
    • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
    • High operating safety

    Our spiral oven

    1: Top performance heating elements
    ensure efficient heat transfer. Choice between electrical and thermal oil and steam-powered heating elements possible.

    2: Variable stage belt system
    allows for the selection of 5 to 10 levels.

    3: PLC control
    controls the plant in a smart and user-friendly way through a touch panel with functions like recipe management, etc.

    4: Automatic belt wash system
    continuously cleans the conveyor belt by means of rotating brushes and water spray lances.


    5: Steam nozzles
    additionally heat the product through direct steam injection for lowest weight loss.

    Even in front of and behind our spiral oven, you can count on our reliable technology. Our conveyor technology ensures optimal line integration and convenient filling. From different conveyor belts for all requirements to spiral conveyors and lifting and tilting devices to special solutions made just for you, we’ve got the right accessories for your food processing machines.

    Comparable machines

    Linear Oven

    Our linear oven creates an optimal result with minimal use. You can heat, cook, and brown your product by means of two separately adjustable heating areas.

    Perfectly suitable for:
    meat loaf, whole chickens, burgers, bacon, pretzels
    AGU Linear Oven by alco
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