Searing, cooking, reduction, and re-cooling: All these process steps can be completed with just one machine thanks to our HotCook. In other words, an all-rounder.

Perfectly suitable for:
Soups, sauces, stews, fillings, ready meals, ground meat products, seafood concentrates, confectionary, vegetable preparations, ethnic food dishes
AHC Hotcook

Linear Oven

Our linear oven creates an optimal result with minimal use. You can heat, cook, and brown your product by means of two separately adjustable heating areas.

Perfectly suitable for:
meat loaf, whole chickens, burgers, bacon, pretzels
AGU Linear Oven by alco

Spiral Oven

Our spiral oven will allow you to cook your products in an efficient and gentle way, resulting in especially tender meat loaf or succulent lasagne.

Perfectly suitable for:
meat loaf, whole chickens, burgers, nuggets, bacon, lasagna, pretzels
Spiral Oven ASH PRO Cooking by alco food machines


Evenly, gently, and quickly: Our proofer will process your product in an optimal way and take up little space thanks to the spiral technology it uses.

Perfectly suitable for:
pizza dough, lye products, yeast-risen pastries
Proofer ASG by alco food machines fermenting

Spiral Pasto

We’ve also developed a space-saving solution with spiral technology for pasteurization that will make your product germ-free and durable using separate pasteurization and cooling areas. A machine that will meet your requirements in full!

Perfectly suitable for:
Nuremberg sausages, bratwurst spirals, tortellini
Spiral Pasto ASW by alco for Proofing or Pasteurizing

Spiral Freezer

Proper cooling is essential, and our spiral freezer was designed precisely for that. Within minimum space, it will ensure optimal and energy-efficient cooling or freeze your products any way you like.

Perfectly suitable for:
meat balls, fish filets, fruit cake, ice cream
ASK PRO Spiral Freezer by Alco Food Machines Supply