The proofer from JBT ALCO will process your products consistently, gently, and quickly. It will also take up little space thanks to the spiral technology. Each machine will be tuned specifically to your production process and can be designed with flexibility according to your requirements for the number of levels.

The efficient features of our individual plant include a targeted air supply and adjustable temperature control.


Our proofer is best suited for continuous proofing of various dough products.


  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Suitability for products of various sizes thanks to a selectable gap between the individual levels of the spiral
  • Gentle, uniform, and quick heating guarantees minimal weight loss and first-class structure preservation
  • Optionally heated with steam and/or electrically
  • Targeted air supply in the machine to guarantee better and uniform heat transfer
  • Process temperature continuously adjustable
  • Infinitely variable ventilators
  • Steam injection bars for setting the desired humidity
  • Combination of multiple spirals in one machine possible
  • Automatic, continuous belt washing system in combination with CIP nozzles in the interior of the proofer ensure perfect cleaning
  • Intuitive operation through a touch panel with recipe management
  • Linked with the remote maintenance service
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
  • High operating safety
Perfectly suitable for:
pizza dough, lye products, yeast-risen pastries

Our proofer

1: Evaporator/heat exchanger

can be adjusted to all common refrigerants and equipment types.


2: Fully sealed insulation cell

provides increased tightness and no maintenance joints (compared to numerous individual panels).

3: Humidifier systems

optimally humidify rooms according to product and use through steam humidification, ultrasound humidification, or high-pressure humidification.

4: Frequency converter

continuously sets the speed of the ventilators for special air speed requirements.

5: Individual product conveyor belts

allow for ideal conveying of your products according to the product requirements with various machines and surfaces.

conveyor belt

Suitable for that

Spiral Oven

Our spiral oven will allow you to cook your products in an efficient and gentle way, resulting in especially tender meat loaf or succulent lasagne.

Perfectly suitable for:
meat loaf, whole chickens, burgers, nuggets, bacon, lasagna, pretzels
Spiral Oven ASH PRO Cooking by alco food machines
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