Dustfree ADF PRO

The alco Dustfree PRO is suitable for the continuous extraction of dusts from the alco preduster and breading machine. Dust generated from upstream equipment is drawn out of the machines during the production process and collected in a separate system container. A practically dust-free working environment is thus ensured. Equipped with its own powerful, variably adjustable fan, the alco Dustfree PRO is connected to the blow-off system and, in addition to extracting and cleaning the plant air, also ensures that the blow-off nozzle is fed.

alco Panade oder Mehl Zuführtrichter APZ

Batter filter

The alco batter filter is the ideal supplement for continuous filtration of coarse particles (≥ 0.6 mm) from the battering. The viscosity of the battering can thus be kept constant during running production over longer production times and with the input of breadcrumbs. First and foremost, the operating costs are positively influenced by the fact that the service life of the battering is significantly extended by the filtration.

alco Panademischer APM PRO food machines

Oil filter

The alco oil filter "ClearOil" is ideally suited for continuous filtering of particles from the frying oil of a connected fryer, during operation. The great advantage is the lifetime of the oil, which is massively extended by the filtering process, thus increasing the product quality immensely and at the same time reducing the operating costs in the frying process.

The filter system is ideally suited to effectively and economically clean all common types of frying oil and frying fat, which are contaminated by spices, brine, breadings and other additives. Filtration is purely mechanical, without the addition of chemical substances. With the special filtration method, particles as small as 1 µm can be separated. A debris remains with a residual oil quantity of approx. 5 % oil.

alco Öltank Oil tank AOT food machines

Smoking system

The alco smoking system "FastSmoke" reduces the smoking time from several hours to just a few minutes. Integrated into spiral ovens, it enables simultaneous cooking, roasting, baking and smoking of a wide variety of meats as well as vegetarian and vegan products on an industrial scale - completely free of harmful substances. 

While in conventional smoking processes, both at home barbecues and in large-scale industrial applications, long smoking times using different smoulder smoke generators at temperatures of up to 100 °C are necessary to obtain the typical "smoky flavor", alco offers for the first time an efficient alternative that implements the highest quality without residues and toxins. 

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