Agroprodmash trade fair report

Alco-food-machines was once again at this year's AgroProdMash in Moscow and successfully made use of the opportunity to consolidate and expand international trade relations. For many years, alco has been building on profitable relationships with Russia, supported by Russian commercial agencies. Thanks to qualified local representatives, alco can offer Russian customers an all-inclusive package, from the optimal planning of individual manufacturing processes, through to efficient order processing with import and customs clearance, to the successful start of production and future maintenance. Thanks to their high quality, the highest technical standards and uncomplicated processing, alco machines are in great demand, not only among large companies in the Russian food industry, but also medium-sized companies.

Convenience products also play a significant role in Russia. For this reason, traditional dishes, such as dumplings, are particularly popular as a finger-food-sized snack. In addition, machines can now be used extensively for artisanal production processes. Alco machines can be used in most production steps to create the perfect end products - from shredding the meat and standardising the filling for shaping and filling the bags, to frying and cooking and freezing the snacks. Adapting the production line individually to the client's product with all its features is just as simple as delivering proven line concepts for small to large capacities. Alco also introduced some machines from its broad product portfolio at its exhibition stand at the fair. Among these, were machines from the shaping, meat processing, breading, cooking and freezing product range.