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multi | mix - alco-hygienic mixer type AMP-H

alco-hygienic mixer type AMP-H


Due to the alco-Standardisation-Machinery the desired and equalized meat quality concerning the content of protein and fat as well as the correct temperature, spice and brine distribution is always achieved. For this reason the quality of the end product is always the same and the purchase price of meat will be reduced, because an unnecessarily high portion of lean meat is avoided.
The alco-Standardisation-Machinery can be operated via a central operation desk as well as from every single machine completely or partly automatic or manual because every machine is equipped with an own operation panel. The machinery is also working if one component has a break-down.

standard features

  • mechanical sealings for mixing shafts in double version with self-cleaning connections
  • self-cleaning with CIP-System, cleaning nozzles in lid and discharge area
  • stainless steel material with product contact in Aisi 316
  • operation panel separated from discharge area
  • drainage function for liquid products
  • injection of cooling media (CO2/N2) for temperature control of the product


  • analytical apparatus
  • weighing system
  • dosing system
  • feeding application
  • spiral conveyor
  • surge drum
  • hutch belt
  • pumping system

more information

  • salads such as potato salads
  • mayonnaise-based products
  • fresh food products without preservatives
  • 350 l bis 10.000 l

AMP 1700H