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alco-mixer type AMP


The optimal equipped mixing shafts guarantee an equal mixing of the components. A very homogenous product is attained. The alco-Mixers, type AMP, are distinguished by a pleasant and smooth design without hygienically problematic edges. Due to this effect a high quality standard as well as a longer shelf life of the products is achieved. The electric control unit is housed in the closed subconstruction under the mixing basin in a double sealed tray. All components such as motors, gears and the electric system are made by noted manufactures.
The alco-Mixers correspond to international safety standards (CE). The mixers are completely made of stainless steel. The operation panel is mounted on a swivelling arm for optimal operation. The alco-Mixers can be delivered with various mixing shafts, e.g. paddle shafts, spiral shafts and with special mixing equipment.

standard features

Double-Shaft Paddle-Mixer

Double-Shaft Spiral-Mixer

  • 2 horizontal, parallel mixing shafts with paddles or spirals
  • 2large discharge doors on the outlet, pneumatically driven
  • pneumatic cylinders made of stainless steel
  • discharge in standard trolleys of 200 litres or special trolleys
  • complete housing frame and jacket made of stainless steel (1.4301), other materials on request
  • closed subconstruction with integrated electrical equipment
  • insulated jacket walls
  • drives: very robust shaft mounted gear boxes and norm motors with v-belt drive


  • program control; or customer-designed program control
  • variable or double mixing speed
  • lid over mixing trough
  • bottom or top injection for cooling media (CO2/N2)
  • swingable exhaust piping for a permanent pipe connection
  • direct steam injection via steam nozzles
  • indirect cooling / heating
  • sauce or water dosage
  • vacuum design
  • weighing systems
  • hygienic version with various options (sterile sealings, cleaning nozzles, etc.)
process data acquisition

more information

Meat, poultry, fish, sausage, potatoes, vegetable, ready-to-serve meals, formed products, salads and YOUR PRODUCT.

  • 350 l
  • 500 l
  • 750 l
  • 1000 l
  • 1600 l
  • 2250 l
  • 3000 l
  • 3500 l
  • 4000 l
  • 5000 l
  • 7000 l

AMP 1600