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Standardisation line: grinding – mixing

Alco-food-machines have been operating successfully for many years boasting numerous innovations and offering an array of possibilities in food preparation (mixing) as well as further processing (forming - coating - frying - cooking - cooling - freezing) of meat and vegetables products. alco also has extremely flexible high-performance standardisation lines for shredding and standardising roast and other homogenous product masses for a wide range of products.
Such products include, for example, minced meat for the fresh food industry, sausage products, chicken nuggets, burgers or other moulded products but also various vegetables and delicatessen products.
For example, combi-grinders can pre-crush frozen meat products of up to -22°C as well as fresh products, while producing high hourly output and optimum cutting quality. After that, the pre-shredded products are automatically conveyed to the alco paddle mixer using conveyor technology such as screws, conveyors or vertical conveyors.
The selection of specific conveyor technology is adjusted individually according to the product requirements and spatial conditions. In this often-underestimated production step, optimal selection and detail-optimised design, is very important.
Optionally, the conveyor line to the mixer can also be used to analyse product composition in the online process and the percentage of fat, protein, water, as well as meat protein free of connective tissue protein (BEFFE).
The analysis values are used to optimise the mixing batch before completion in terms of product quality and cost efficiency.
Batch sizes from 300 kg to 8,000 kg are possible using different mixer sizes.
It is also possible to automatically add spices and liquid additives to the mixer.

The primary product is mixed using the twin-shaft paddle mixer type AMP until it reaches a homogeneous mass.
The design of the Alco paddle mixer shafts has proven outstanding in terms of mixing quality, consistency and product protection, especially compared to other commercially available mixing systems. Depending on the application, the target temperature can be set by injecting cryogenic liquid gas using the Alco Bottom Injection.
Another optional production step is mixing the products under vacuum to produce a bubble-free end product of improved quality.
After the mixing process, the homogenous mass is discharged onto conveyor technology such as pump conveyor belts, screws or in buffer/customer-specific containers. Transfer and further processing in moulding machines, filling machines, 2. This is followed by the grinding or emulsifying stage.
The systems are suitable for semi-automatic or fully automatic operation (production processes are stored in flexible recipes of which the production data are continuously updated upon request).
The software development, adaptation and maintenance are carried out by the manufacturer in close consultation with the customer.
Naturally, at Alco, flexibility and customisation are core competences.
Alco-food-machines offer the full spectrum of standardisation technology mentioned above, including customer-specific planning, consulting, production and installation from a single source.

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State-of-the-art technology for standardisation technology. 

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