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The alco hot air spiral oven type ASH


The alco-spiral-oven, type ASH, is the perfect solution for products aimed at nutrition-con-scious users, as it cooks without additional fat and additives. With the dew point regulator, temperatures in the oven and on your product as well as the relative air humidity can be controlled exactly. Therefore, an optimal cooking result can be achieved, along with increased product output and the desired consistency and colour. The belt guidance in one spiral only allows a sizeable belt length to be placed in a small area. Thus, the alco-spiral oven can cook large quantities of product slowly and gently, targeting an optimal colour and consistency as well as minimizing the loss of humidity in the product. As the processes of cooking and browning require widely varying climates, single spirals are offered which can be arranged one behind the other, if desired, to create one unit. This is the only way in which the complete independence of the cooking sections can be ensured. In addition the unit can be applied in especially flexible, varied ways. Furthermore, a drum with an increased diameter is used for providing a considerably larger belt length per drum circulation.

standard features

  • heats various products to at least 75 ° C for the effective killing of germs
  • optimal heat regulation due to efficient, horizontal airflow
  • careful, even and fast heating ensures minimal weight loss and first class structural integrity
  • very high production capacity on minimal floor space
  • electrical components outside the insulating cell, thus less susceptible to interference
  • fully welded stainless steel cell
  • energy-saving pasteurisation system
  • hygienic design for highest product safety
  • easy operation and cleaning with maximum safety

usable length

  • 100 m to 700 m


  • refrigeration plant
  • feeding- and discharging belts
  • diverse blower systems
  • metal- and plastic belts
  • tangential belts

more information

Nürnberger, tortellini, spiral sausages and YOUR PRODUCT.

  • 400 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm