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The alco-Fermenting-Spiral, type ASH, heats your products by means of hot air steam. Due to the equal air flow and the multi-stage air speed the products will be carefully and equally heated over the complete belt width and number of floors. Because of the exact dew point regulation the weight loss is reduced. All parameters like belt speed, air speed, humidity and temperature are controlled via PLC-control. Electric heating elements as well as thermal oil heating registers, steam heated registers and/or direct steam can be used for the energy supply.

standard features

  • Fermenting various products
  • Optimal moisture control through efficient, horizontal airflow
  • Gentle, even and rapid fermentation ensures minimal weight loss and excellent structural integrity
  • Very high production capacity on a minimal footprint
  • Electrical components outside the insulating cell, thus less susceptible to faults
  • Fully welded stainless steel cell
  • Energy-saving fermentation system
  • "Hygienic design" for highest product safety
  • Easy operation and cleaning with maximum safety

working lengths

  • 100 m to 2,500 m


    •    Cooling system
    •    Supply and discharge belts
    •    Various discharge systems
    •    Metal and plastic straps
    •    Tangential belts

more information

Pizza dough, lye products, croissants, various fine baking products and YOUR PRODUCT.  

  • 400 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm

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