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Cooling and Freezing

Cool and freeze products at the highest technical level. The greatest energy efficiency ensured by optimal transition of cold air to the products to be cooled.

When it comes to cooling and freezing, alco offers optimum conditions for achieving high-quality and, at the same time, cost-effective production results thanks to its wide range of linear and spiral systems, which are adapted to customers‘ wishes. Each machine is designed and built according to specific customer requirements.

End products could be be, for example, sausages, hamburgers, rissoles, nuggets, schnitzels, cevapcici, meatballs, skewers, veggie products, fish, seafood, packaged ready meals, pizza, baked goods, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cheese, ice cream or confectionery.

The horizontal air flow and infinitely adjustable fans enable the greatest possible surface area to be cooled or frozen very quickly with extremely high uniformity and efficiency. The product is therefore cooled or frozen in a gentle, energy-saving way. Furthermore, this ensures first-class structure preservation and reduces weight loss to an absolute minimum, since the system produces no major dehumidification. The very efficient cooling process in the IQF process also achieves extremely short cooling times. Uniform air distribution is achieved through horizontal airflow on all levels of the system. Air temperatures and air velocities are kept constant over the entire belt width. As a result, an absolutely uniform cooling of the products is ensured at all points of the system.

Depending on the exact design, air temperatures of down to -40 °C can be achieved. All common refrigerants could be used. The system is also designed for and capable of various defrosting methods with circulating air, hot gas, water or electric heaters. Use as a spiral system allows optimal utilisation of the existing local conditions and helps to save space required elsewhere.

All parameters such as belt speed (dwell time), air speed and temperature are set by a PLC control. All production-relevant data can be delivered directly to the in-house system administrator and control desk at any time or can be viewed or changed by senior controllers.

The very highest priority in the system design has also been given to hygiene and user-friendliness. The equipment is therefore easy to clean, extremely hygienic and low maintenance due to e.g. directly coupled drives. There are optional automatic cleaning systems for the conveyor belts as well as for the system itself. In addition, only components from suppliers with the highest quality standards are used and installed.

Alco-food-machines GmbH & Co. KG offer everything from a single source: we stock a suitable range of accessories for spiral coolers or spiral freezers, such as special feed and discharge belts.
The complete range of cooling, heating and spiral conveyor systems including customer-specific planning, consultation, production and installation means that with us you’ve got things right!

Know-how in food-systems

State of the art spiral technology.
alco – your equipment supplier for complete solutions in the food industry.

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