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The alco-Spiral-Freezer ASK


The alco ASK spiral cooler/freezer is used for the cooling and shock freezing of food products. The spiral belt conveyor design allows a considerable process length to be generated while the space requirement is small. In addition to standard compact freezers of the Eco and Pro series, special-design freezers of all sizes are available. The compact freezers are distinguished by their transportation-friendly design, low installation times and excellent price/performance ratio, while the special-design freezers leave nothing to be desired in terms of their adaptation to the product and the production environment. Every special-design freezer is calculated according to the customer-specific requirements and specially designed so as to achieve maximum energy efficiency and the optimal application for the product.

For your application we offer you, based on our standard design, machines of various sizes as well as different additional options and add-on equipment. Due to the flexible combination options, we can configure the perfect solution for you. Should your optimal solution, however, not be achievable in this way, we would be glad to develop it together with you.

Technical features

  • production speed can be continuously adjusted
  • suitable for products of the most diverse sizes due to selectable spacing between the individual levels of the spiral
  • efficient cooling and freezing system for uniform quick-freezing and shock-freezing of the products so as to avoid losses through dehumidification
  • horizontal air flow
  • adjustable fans for variable velocity
  • special belts and receiving modules for perfect product conveyance
  • several spirals can be combined in one system
  • suitable for all refrigerants such as ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), ice water or brines
  • various defrosting options using circulating air, hot gas, water or electric heaters
  • intuitive operability via a touch panel, with recipe management
  • networking with the remote maintenance service
  • isolated housing construction for avoidance of energy losses
  • made entirely of stainless steel and food-safe plastics
  • easy-to-clean construction
  • high operational reliability

400, 600 and 700 mm belt width
approx. 100 – 400 m effective belt length

more information

With the ASK spiral cooler/freezer, products made from a wide variety of raw goods can be manufactured.

Some typical products are:
meat patties, fish fillets, cakes, bread rolls, ready meals and ice cream