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The alco-Cordon-Bleu-Slicer Type ACB


The alco Cordon-Bleu-Slicer, type ACB, is designed for cutting pockets from top or side into flat meat or fish products in a continuous way. The cutting is done by guiding the product through a belt-system of upper and lower belts to fixed special knives. The cutting depth and the position of the knives can be adjusted simply depending on the product. As an option the machine could be equipped with an opening device for easy filling of the product.

standard features

  • for top and side cuts, butterfly cuts
  • slip free product transport by special belts with naps
  • 2 parallel production lanes
  • easy height adjustment according to product thickness, easy adjustment of cutting depth
  • quick release system for belts for easy cleaning
  • adjustable outfeed conveyor for optimal transmission
  • high operational safety
  • complete stainless steel construction
  • all bearings and belts made of food approved material
  • 4 movable heavy load and steering wheels with lockable breaks
  • adjustable speed


  • automatic product opening-up device
  • pie cutting device
  • speed control via frequency converter


more information

Cordon-Bleu, Kiews, butterfly steaks, filled products and YOUR PRODUCT.

  • 400 mm