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The alco ASP flattening machine



The alco ASP flattening machine is designed to flatten and roll out all types of fresh and soft frozen products. The products are conveyed between an upper belt and lower belt through the flattening area. The products are alternately pressed and released (patting effect) by only three pairs of rollers. In the flattening process a standard and homogeneous product thickness is achieved, resulting in constant and reduced cooking times with lower cooking losses as well as an enlarged product surface.

For your application we offer you, based on our standard design, machines of various sizes as well as different additional options and add-on equipment. Due to the flexible combination options, we can configure the perfect solution for you. Should your optimal solution, however, not be achievable in this way, we would be glad to develop it together with you.

Technical features

  • production speed can be continuously adjusted
  • flattening area with only three pairs of pressure rollers for gentle and durable flattening
  • height adjustment via handwheel for setting the desired product thickness
  • perfect product delivery by a swivelling discharge conveyor
  • rubberised drive rollers to prevent belt slipping
  • water spray bar to prevent protein built up on the belts
  • belt tensioning unit with quick tensioning system for easier cleaning
  • collecting trough for product residues under the flattening area for a clean floor
  • high operational reliability
  • movable on 4 heavy-duty castors, rotatable through 360°, with locking brake and height-adjustable

250, 400, 600, 700 and 1,000 mm belt width

more information

With the ASP flattening machine, products made from a wide variety of raw goods can be manufactured.

Some typical products are:
roulades, doner kebab, gyros, schnitzels, chicken breast fillet