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The alco-Breading-Machine Type APT


The alco-Breading-Machine, type APT, is designed to coat products with dry crumbs or powder. The machine can handle a wide variation of crumbs which flow by gravity in the circulation hopper (if not desired, see Preduster ABM). This allows other applications such as:

  • coating with bread crumbs, e.g. breaded products
  • coating with spices, e.g. barbecue products

The speed of the screws (vertical = circulation, horizontal = lower bed) can be adjusted by a frequency drive (except the smallest version APT 250). This guarantees an optimal flow and gentle treatment for each type of cru

standard features

  • careful treatment of product and bread crumbs due to optimised process and handling, even for Japanese crumbs
  • hopper and feeding system designed to minimize the amount of circulating crumbs
  • separation in hopper for circulating- and buffering crumbs
  • windows in circulation hopper for monitoring purpose
  • full coverage of product with bread crumbs from all sides
  • adjustable blower to control pick-up, working on environment air
  • adjustable speed of conveyor and feed screws by frequency drives
  • separation between bearing and sealing of feeding screw
  • perfect distribution of bread crumbs in lower and upper belt
  • crumb filter and tickling system for coarse bread crumbs
  • easy to discharge
  • manufactured according to modern requirements of hygiene and easy to clean
  • high operational safety
  • complete stainless steel construction, all materials and parts FDA approved
  • 4 movable heavy duty wheels with break, rotation 360°


  • vibration plate / pressure roller
  • feeding hopper
  • level control
  • program control with PLC
  • extended outfeed section

more information

Meat-, fish-, poultry-, potatoes- or vegetable products like Schnitzel (flat whole muscle products), nuggets burgers, fish fingers, croquettes and YOUR PRODUCT.

  • 250 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 900 mm
  • 1000 mm

APT 400 UC