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Competence from start to finish – the Convenience Line

Once the mixture has been prepared as explained it is formed via forming machines. In addition, and in accordance with the desired appearance and weight of products, form moulds are manufactured with holes in the shape of the food product (e.g., meatballs, cutlets, nuggets, etc.) The alco company is currently manufacturing various forming machine models with belt widths of 400 mm and 600 mm.


After moulding, the products can be coated with different breadcrumbs. However, products are also made in which this step is skipped, e.g., meatballs and hamburgers, etc. For breading, various machines can be utilised:

  • Wet-breading machines for normal liquid batter
  • Dippers (dipping stations) for thicker, stickier preparations or beer batter which must      not be pumped
  • Flouring machines for dusting the products with flour to bind the surface
  • Dry-breading machines for applying different types of breadcrumbs, from fine breadcrumbs to cornflakes
  • Drum shakers for coating irregularly shaped products with flour, breadcrumbs or spices. The plant is also suitable for chicken parts, such as wings or thighs, which have partially overlapping areas. In the majority of cases, a combination of batter machines and dry breadcrumb machines suffice for the breaded products.

The alco company stocks these machines in the standard belt widths of 400mm, 600mm and 1,000mm. alco is also in a position to respond to any specific requests you may have outside this range.


Some of the products on the market are already cooked, but here you have to distinguish between pre-cooking and cooking thoroughly. In the latter case, the products are heated to the point that they can be consumed without further heat.

In most cases, the products are run on a continuous fryer, where they are immersed completely in hot oil at a temperature between 160 °C and 185 °C. Fryers are also available in the standard belt widths from alco. To enable full utilisation of the belt width of previously programmed machines, they are each being made 50mm wider by alco, so that the effective working width is 400 mm, 600 mm or 1,000 mm.

Continuous fryers may be equipped with different heating systems. In smaller systems, these are mostly electrically heated, while larger ones are usually heated by means of a heat transfer oil (thermal oil).

The required production capacity determines the length of the fryer for the cooking process. The usual cooking lengths for this are in the range of 2 m to 10 m. Depending on the product, different fryer options are available.

As an alternative to the fryer, alco has a Teflon roaster in its product portfolio, which browns and cooks the products using hotplates. The products are passed between a top and bottom belt through the system, which are heated by means of plates. The products cook in their own fat. No additional fat is needed.

Following use of a fryer or contact roaster, post-cooking connectors are often operated, and these are of two distinct types. Some work passively, i.e. on an insulated route, the products are held for a certain time so that the temperature can equalise from the outside inwards to the core. In the active system, air is heated and circulated through the products, similar to a convection oven. These systems are available both linearly and as a spiral for increased capacity. Spiral conveyor systems: Spiral conveyor technology is used everywhere where it is required to treat products for a certain time in a continuous operation. The advantage of a spiral conveyor system lies essentially in the fact that where space is minimal one can transport and handle many products.

Spiral conveyor technology is used in the food industry for various applications.

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> in | form AFM
> equal | flat  ASP
> top | tender ASC
> top | cut ACB
> flour | coat  ABM
> top | coat APN
> top | crumb APT
> liquid | coat ADT
> hot | fry AGF
> spiral | heat ASH
> belt | grill AGT
> linear | heat AGU