Dual Cooker


The dual cooker combines two technologies. For the first time, the process of searing over intense contact heat is combined with the technology of cooking over hot convection air and/or steam. That way, sensitive food like roasted vegetables, pancakes, or poultry schnitzel can be seared in an ideal manner without losing their natural character in terms of flavor and look. Through contact searing, products get an appetizing look, hardly lose any weight and, upon request, get grill stripes.


Our dual cooker seares and cooks products at the same time. What’s special about the Dual Cooker is that it combines maximum efficiency with optimal flavor and an appetizing look.


  • Continuously adjustable production speed
  • Combination of two processing methods in one machine
  • Combines contact searing over a TeflonTM belt with cooking over hot air
  • Prevents belt marks on the product and keeps products from sticking to the belt
  • Optimal belt tension and track stability thanks to automatic control
  • Hygienic design with an automatic band wash system
  • Heating through electrical or thermal oil-heated modules
  • Intuitive operation through a touch panel with recipe management
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
  • High operating safety
Perfectly suitable for:
burgers, pancakes, poultry schnitzel, roasted vegetables, zucchini

Our dual cooker

1: Top-performance cooker
combines contact searing and hot-air cooking with high-power heating elements.

2: Glass-fiber-enhanced PTFE run belt
transfers heat in an optimal way, prevents belt marks on the product, and keeps products from sticking to the belt system.

3: Two separate heating areas
allows for individually adjustable temperatures and air speeds.

4: Automatic belt wash system
continuously cleans the conveyor belt by means of hot water spray lances or steam nozzles.


5: Direct steam injection
regulates the desired humidity, ensuring a product weight loss that’s as minimal as possible.

conveyor belt

Comparable machines

Linear Oven

Our linear oven creates an optimal result with minimal use. You can heat, cook, and brown your product by means of two separately adjustable heating areas.

Perfectly suitable for:
meat loaf, whole chickens, burgers, bacon, pretzels
AGU Linear Oven by alco
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