Contact Cooker


Our contact cooker will sear and cook your products solely in their own fat, allowing for a cooking process that’s free of additional added fats and provides natural flavor, a product with high eating qualities and home-made appearance. An additional benefit is the minimal weight loss due to the efficient cooking method of contact heat and direct energy transfer into the product. Even heavily marinated or sticky glazed products can be perfectly processed, due to the non-stick abilities of the teflon belt.

The look of the product, too, makes for a real eye-catcher in the modern kitchen by means of the contact cooker: Chicken breast filets, patties, or potato pancakes can be given grill stripes or other authentic roast marks, evenly and on both sides. 


The alco contact cooker sears products exclusively in their own fatThat way, it gets the natural flavor of the products. If desired, products can be given patterns like grill stripes.

Perfectly suitable for:
Poultry filets, steaks, burger patties, skewers, seafood, pancakes, vegetables, bacon


  • Continuously adaptable production speed
  • Suitability for various products including hard-sticking products like glazed and marinated poultry parts thanks to a glass-fiber-reinforced non-stick upper and lower belt
  • No belt marks on products
  • Continuously adaptable belt gap
  • Heating through electrical or thermal oil-heated plates
  • Process temperature infinitely variable up to max. 260 °C
  • Intuitive operation through a touch pad with recipe management
  • Linked with the remote maintenance service
  • Automatic, continuous belt wash system (without any added chemicals)
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastic
  • High operating safety

Our contact cooker

1: Top-performance heating elements
ensure efficient heat transfer. Choice between electrical and thermal oil-powered heating elements necessary.

2: Fat collection system
collects fat and other liquids leaking through lateral drain channels.


3: Grill stripe pattern application
gives products grill stripes over heating plates (are delivered without a pattern according to standard).

4: Exhaust chimney system
directs the exhaust through stainless steel chimney pipes from the suction sockets of the contact  cooker out of the production room.

5: Separate outlet belt
improves product transfer to the subsequent equipment through an approx. 500 mm long belt with its own drive.

The ECO contact cooker

Our ECO version is particularly suitable for smaller businesses with products no higher than 50 mm. 

  • Identical functionality
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Available in four sizes according to standard
  • With electrical heating elements, maximum six heating plates
  • Cost-saving version
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Comparable machines

Dual Cooker

Two in one: The dual cooker combines contact searing and hot-air cooking and is thus more efficient than any other machine.

Perfectly suitable for:
burgers, pancakes, poultry schnitzel, roasted vegetables, zucchini
ADC Dual Cooker by alco
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