alco-Contact-Freezer AKF 600/6.000


The alco contact freezer has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for pre-freezing sticky products like marinated chicken parts to achieve a better ahension of the marinade to the product what boosts yield and also to avoid transfering the marinade into the following spiral freezer, what shortens cleaning times and costs.
The alco contact freezer works also great on sensitve products, like proofed dough or fish filets.

Manufacturer´s rated production:

Electrical cabinet: stainless steel

Controls: PLC with touch panel

Belt type: PTFE-Kevlar

Cold energy: 35 kW

Refrigerant: NH3 / Ammonia

Evaporation temperature: -40 ° C

alco-Spiralcooler ASK 500-23-1650-98kW


The alco spiral cooler is designed to cool products fast in a very efficient process.

Manufacturer´s rated production:

Coolingtime, adjustable: 10 .. 35 min

ASK 500 IZ new-housing


 Complete new housing of the spiral freezer

thickness of insulating panels: 120 mm / 4,7''

panel surface:
inside stainless steel, outside varnished

bottom plate: stainless steel tub

bottom contruction: tin plated steel frame

doors: 2 pcs. of insulated doors, with heated frames

light: cold store neon tubes
cable: stainless steel channels