equal | flat - The alco-Flattening-Machine Type ASP

Standard features

  • flattening area with several pairs of pressure rollers for considerable flattening and avoiding of memory effect
  • adjustable flattening distance
  • adjustable speed
  • spraying pipe to avoid the product sticking onto the conveyor belts
  • adjustable outfeed-conveyor for optimal transmission
  • scale for flattening distance
  • stainless steel power transmission (sprockets and roller chains)
  • all bearings food approved
  • 4 heavy duty wheels with break, rotating 360°
  • completely built in stainless steel and food approved synthetic material
  • quick release of belts with quick stretching system for easy cleaning
  • collecting tub


The alco-Flattening-Machine, type ASP, is designed to flatten all types of fresh or soft frozen meat products. Flattening is done in order to get equal cooking times, shorter frying times, to prepare the product for further processing like coating and breading or in order to enlarge the surface of the products, e.g. for filled products.

The product has to be put on the infeed part of the lower conveyor and will be guided through the belt system. Between driving shafts and return shafts are several pairs of pressure rollers which flatten the product efficiently via the flattening belts.

Product examples

Meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, Schnitzel, steaks, poultry pieces of sirloin, poultry legs, beef olive, Döner-Kebab, Gyros, Cordon-Bleu, kiew and YOUR PRODUCT.


  • speed control by frequency converter
  • hold-down conveyor in outfeed direction
  • special belts in blue colour with antimicorbial layer
  • expanded version

Special Execution HDN

  • belt assembly set for quick replacement of the belt
  • extremely high production capacity / heavy products
  • belt guidance to avoid lateral belt damages

Belt width

  • 250 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 1000 mm



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