hot | cook - The alco-HotCook Type AMP-HC

Standard features

  • heated double shaft mixer
  • double jacket construction
  • mixing shafts with spring loaded scrapers
  • two big discharge doors operated by pneumatic cylinders
  • discharging into standard 200 l trolleys
  • stainless steel construction 1.4301 / AISI 304
  • heated mixer vessel in stainless steel AISI 316
  • pneumatic cylinders in stainless steel
  • closed subconstruction
  • minimal thermal radiation by insulated outside walls
  • incl. temperature probes for product and surface temperature
  • incl. safety grid and cleaning platform


The alco-Mixer HotCook, type AMP-HC, allows a very fast and gentle cooking or frying of products in one machine. The HotCook can be heated by thermal oil or steam. Due to short frying times and high temperatures the product remains fresh and tasty. The machine is also best suited for stir-frying of vegetable for Chinese and other ethnic meals. The HotCook is easy to operate, to clean and meets high hygienic demands.

Product examples

Ready-to-serve meals, ethnic food, sauces, soups, meat fillings, vegetables, pre-products (concentrate of ginger, garlic, onions, etc), meat strips (Züricher Geschnetzeltes), rice, pasta and pasta fillings and YOUR PRODUCT.


  • programmable control and operation panel
  • variable mixing speed
  • lid over mixing trough
  • control valve and electronic regulator for automatic temperature control
  • jacket cooling on steam heated systems
  • secondary control unit of thermal oil systems
  • drainage system for draining liquid during frying process
  • pneumatically operated discharge valves for draining of sauces and liquid products
  • swingable exhaust piping for a permanent pipe connection
  • direct steam injection
  • weighing system
  • dosage of water and sauce
  • process data recording and transmission

Total volume

  • 350 l
  • 500 l
  • 750 l
  • 1000 l
  • 1600 l
  • 2250 l
  • 3000 l
  • 3500 l
  • 5000 l

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