top | tender - The alco-Tenderiser Type ASC

Standard features

  • tenderising insert with upper- and lower-knife shaft
  • easy adjustment of product thickness / cutting depth
  • variable speed by variable gear drive, optional by frequency converter
  • adjustable outfeed conveyor for optimal transmission
  • incl. collection tub for rests of product
  • quick and easy cleaning
  • tenderising device is protected during operation by hinged cover
  • complete stainless steel construction
  • all bearings made of food approved material
  • 4 movable heavy load wheels, rotating 360°


The alco-Tenderiser, type ASC, is used for cuts into products, surface marking of minced meat, severing of tendons and muscle fibres, and therefore increasing delicateness of natural meat products in order to avoid the memory effect.

The tenderising insert consists of two knife shafts running synchronously with the belt that carves the required depth into the product. The knives of the upper and lower knife shafts move against each other, so that an optimal tenderising of the product is possible without cutting through the product.

Product examples

Schnitzel, steaks, roulades, products with sinews and without bones, minced meat products, Hamburgers and YOUR PRODUCT.


  • embossing roller, embossing element
  • tenderizing insert with customer designed shapes of knives and distances
  • speed control by frequency inverter

Belt width

  • 400 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 700 mm
  • 900 mm



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