quick | freeze - The alco-Spiral-Freezer Type ASK

Standard features

  • evenly fast freezing over the whole belt range
  • fast freezing-on of the product surface to secure less humidifying of the products
  • conveyor available in stainless steel or plastic suitable for the appropriate applications
  • energy-saving construction due to small power of the fans
  • low-maintenance and hygiene-conscious construction by directly coupled drives
  • all product affecting parts made of stainless steel or FDA approved plastics
  • closed bottom tub made of stainless steel
  • hygiene conscious and easy-to-clean construction
  • compact modular construction for short assembling times
  • language display with recipe storage
  • for all usual refrigerants, such as R 404a, R 507, R 22, NH3, CO2, ice water, brine
  • different thawing possibilities e.g. circulating air, hot gas, water, electrically, separate brine circulation after shift or sequentially during operation


The alco-Spiral-Freezer, type ASK, is inserted for cooling and shock-frosting of food. Further applications for the Spiral Systems are fermenting of baking goods and pasta as well as pasteurizing of most diverse products. Each machine is computed according to the customers´ demands. For this reason an energy-saving and careful treatment of the product is obtained.

Product examples

Hamburgers, nuggets, cutlets, fish, cheese, dairy products, sweets, ice cream, pizza, pasta, baking goods, potato products, fruit, vegetable, ready-to-serve meals and YOUR PRODUCT.


  • belt washing and belt drying unit for spiral system
  • special belt in steel or plastic with side and middle plates, high friction modules and holder for ice cream cones
  • belt in 90°, 180°, 270° - single or double spiral
  • evaporators made out of stainless steel
  • hinged evaporator fans
  • speed control for evaporator fans
  • isolation inside and outside made out of stainless steel
  • tangential feed conveyor
  • down conveyor with flight belt
  • central lubrication system

Belt width

  • between 250 mm and 1.500 mm

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