hot | fry - The alco-Fryer Type AGF

Standard features

  • electric or thermal oil heating system
  • conveyor belt with infeed and outfeed section
  • adjustable speed of conveyor belt
  • temperature control
  • complete framework made of stainless steel
  • insulated oil container with hood
  • oil circulation system
  • oil filter sieve
  • minimum oil level control
  • system avoiding steam escaping out of fryer
  • safeguarding system against overheating


The alco-Fryer, type AGF, is designed to fry or to cook products in hot oil in an optimal way. The product runs continuously on a conveyor belt through the heated oil and gets gently fried or cooked according to product temperature, oil temperature and belt speed. Therefore, an appetizing crispy and well fried product is the result. Belt-widths of alco-Fryers correspond to all marketable ones in order to allow an optimal usage of the whole production line.

Product examples

Schnitzel, steaks, Hamburger, meat balls, croquettes, vegetable broilers as well as every other product of meat, fish, poultry, corn, vegetables, potatoes, cheese and YOUR PRODUCT.


  • hold-down conveyor
  • sediment removal system / slotted screen filter
  • insulated hood
  • fixed exhaust outlets with throttle valve
  • deep passage fryer for frying thick products
  • double heating power
  • automatic oil feeding system
  • manual or electrical lifting device
  • frying time indicator
  • PLC (Programmable Logical Controller)
  • teflon (PTFE) infeed section
  • separate infeed conveyor
  • fire extinguishing system
  • cleaning-in-place-system

Belt width

  • 450 mm
  • 650 mm
  • 750 mm
  • 950 mm
  • 1050 mm

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